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Garment Tapes

Our company is well known and illustrious which trades in multifaceted range of Garment types. They are made using PTFE which is a highly flexible, chemical resistant, thermal resistant, non stick material. These tapes are available in elastic category as well as non elastic category. They are an important accessory and provide comfort & ease to every type of skin. Garment Tapes have a long utility life and are sturdy. They also help in covering the open endings at the joints. The tapes can be stitched to every kind of fabric and make them worth wearing by people of every age group. They are made with precision and utilizing the state of the art methods.

Features of Garment Tapes:

  • Different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes to choose from.
  • Available in embroidered, knitted, elastic, non elastic and many more categories.
  • Made from durable, non toxic, non greasy material which is resistant to heat, water and acid.
  •  Do not cause any sort of skin irritation and offer ease to the wearer.